I was sent this blade and asked if I would finish it. I don't usually work from kit knives but, this one is different. This blade was ground and heat treated by the late great Bob Enganth over 30 years ago. It was sold through his catalog, Blades 'n' Stuff. It is number 2 of his yakiba patterns "Hira Zukuri with sori" . The blade steel is 1045/1050 with an edge hardness of Rc 56-58.

All other parts were made by me

Blade; 9 inch, 1045-1050 with hamon

Fittings; Habaki- Copper

                Seppa- Bronze, wrought iron

                Fuchi- Wrought iron

                Kashira-Wrought iron

                Kurigata- Wrought Iron

                Koiguchi- Wrought iron

                Kojiri -Wrought iron

Handle/Tsuka; Maple wrapped in Same(ray skin rawhide) and light brown synthetic ito with desert ironwood mekugi.

Overall length; 15 3/4 inches.

Saya; 10 3/4 inch, Stained maple carved to resemble decaying wood with a snake crawling through it